Philosophy for Youth

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Provide your family with a solid intellectual foundation by exploring philosophy early.


Those who live their best lives 

- lives rich with meaning, cornerstones, and peace - 

do it by enhancing their most natural human abilities.

Moving their bodies, engaging their minds, and uniting with their spirited nature.


(the love of wisdom)

As more and more people acknowledge the importance of whole-body wellness, the connection between good thinking and a good life often remains ignored.

Joi of Wisdom Academy offers courses to promote a good life through thinking well. Courses such as our cornerstone, Wellness Through Wisdom, are designed to engage, enhance, and enrich your personal development through fundamental critical thinking skills, mindfulness techniques, and intentional habit development.

Hi, I’m Joi

I created Joi of Wisdom Academy in 2021 in order to have a larger space to address cognitive wellness needs. Prior to opening the Academy, I proudly used my advanced degrees in philosophy as an Adjunct Instructor for 7 years, teaching introductory philosophy, ethics, and critical thinking to students in university, community college, and technical classrooms. For nearly 15 years combined, I have taught dance, yoga, aerial yoga, and pole fitness alongside world-renowned Cirque du Soleil artists, competitive gymnasts, touring musicians, and diverse performers in Las Vegas, California (Bay Area & San Diego), and South Florida. These experiences have helped support my first major project, Joi of Dance (est. 2012), where clients schedule various types of one-on-one, group, and on-demand lessons for physical fitness.

I currently live off-grid in the Mohave desert with my mother and our two dogs, Meli & Sammy. When I’m not keeping busy with JoD and JoW, you can probably find me composting :)


:Fields of Training

Pole Fitness, Yoga (200hr RYT), Aerial Yoga, Meditation (100hr CMT), Contemporary Dance


M.A. Philosophy – San Francisco State University

B.A. Philosophy – University of North Carolina at Wilmington

A.S. Video Production – The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale 

About Our Logo

Do you think with your heart or with your brain?

Turns out, we ALL need both to survive.

Not only are these two of the most critical organs of the body, they also communicate regularly about our physical and emotional states.

If death can come from broken-heart syndrome, then certainly, LIFE can arise from strengthening the mind.

The logo shows half each of an anatomical brain and symbolized heart over a multicolored background. The rainbow represents the diversity and vibrance of our intended audience.